Hi, I'm Patrick Thornton

tl;dr: UX specialist, journalist, writer, photographer, blogger, social media researcher and manager, podcaster

I love technology the Internet, media, journalism, information and design. I'm fascinated by the intersection of them.

I consider myself a communicator, journalist and technologist. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by computers and especially by the power of the Internet to connect people with each other and information. I'm more than just a geek — I'm a writer, researcher and journalist. I believe that technology is at its best when it is intersected with the liberal arts and humanities, making technology more human, usable and enjoyable.

I'm combining my undergraduate journalism work with a master's in human-computer interaction, which focuses on the intersection of computer science, design, information studies, sociology and more.

I combine my journalism, tech and design skills in my job at Society for Science & the Public and its publications, Science News and Science News for Kids. I manage the website for Science News for Kids as well as design and develop new features. I also manage social media for the Society and its publications.

I focus on expanding engagement with fans, with an aim of getting more fans/followers active and less on raw fan/followers totals.

I like to write, professionally, personally, whatever, whenever. Below you can find some of my recent writing. I've been published in more than 10 different publications and have covered sports, news, technology and journalism. Here is my blog, which focuses on the future of journalism.

I was the community and social media manager for Rare, an international conservation organization. I maintained and edited Rare's blog, Adventures in Conservation, lead social media efforts and produced most of the organization's online content. Working with an international organization taught me the necessity of having different strategies for different regions of the world.

I started the Interchange Project as a way to analyze and report on the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. That's where you'll find most of my writing. The Interchange Project also has a weekly podcast that I cohost with journalism professor Jeremy Littau.

I ran New York University's grant-funded journalism project BeatBlogging.org. The project studied how journalists used social media and other Web tools to improve beat reporting. I write articles for the journalism think tank Poynter.org on online journalism, social media and how computers are changing journalism. In addition to heading up the editorial side of BeatBlogging.org, I managed the server and wrote HTML and CSS for the project.

I was a Web content manager for Stars and Stripes, a daily newspaper. I built special features using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also produced written and multimedia content.

You can find my full work history in my résumé and portfolio. You can email me at patrickwthornton [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks for stopping by.

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