Where are my photos of the day? On social media

You may be wondering where my promised photos of the day are. I’ve been sharing them all along on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

I think posting every photo of the day here would overwhelm the blog, especially since I don’t write as much as I used to (I blame grad school while working full time for this). I will be posting my best photos here, but you can find the rest on social media. I recommend checking out the photos on Flickr, as they are uncompressed and look by far the best there.

I also post a lot of b-side photos to Flickr. I’d love to hear if you think I selected the right photo each day or if a b-side is better. The photos that I have selected as the photo of the day are in the set Photo 365.

I’ll be following up soon with a post on why I choose to share my photos on Flickr instead of Instagram and why none of my photos of the day have been taken with a smartphone.