Why The Washington Post uses WordPress (or why your CMS doesn’t have to suck)

“Ben Bradlee is 93 years old. Do you think he wants to use your crappy CMS?”

The Washington Post’s Yuri Victor describes in the above video why The Post uses WordPress and why they are using it more often (you can read more about his thoughts here). Complaining about content management systems is one of journalists’ favorite pastimes. So why not go with a CMS that is user centric and that users actually like to use?

I’m a big fan of WordPress and have used it professionally for users. What makes it so appealing is that it’s a CMS that users can use and understand. And by users, we’re not referring to people viewing your news stories; we’re referring to the people who have to interact with the CMS and enter in content. If you make it hard for people to create content, they will create less of it and lower quality content.

One of the best parts about WordPress is how easy it is to create a new story template. If you had a big story coming in, in a matter of hours or even less, you could have a custom template for that story to really make it sing. Now that won’t happen every day or even every week, but WordPress also makes it really easy to have variety of story templates for every-day stories.

There are other options out there beyond WordPress, but with such strong open source technology, why would you use a crappy proprietary CMS? Get a good open source CMS, and customize it for your needs.

There is no reason to hate your CMS.

  • Very inspiring! also a v-sign to all those WordPress haters who think it cannot function as a powerful CMS.

    • Patrick Thornton

      It’s used for some big sites, and some big news sites.

  • ThomNagy_NZZ

    I heard, that WordPress has problems managing large amounts of articles (generated by various feeds). Do you know anything about that?

    • Patrick Thornton

      Can you elaborate on more of what you’ve heard? I’ve not heard this, and WordPress is used on some pretty big sites with lots of articles. See qz.com, The Atlantic Media’s new business website: http://vip.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/atlantic-medias-quartz/

      WordPress is hosting Quartz on its VIP hosting, so that probably helps, but I’ve never heard that WordPress has issues with lots of articles.

      • ThomNagy_NZZ

        Apparently the problem is with auto-generated feeds from a news agency for example, that pump hundreds of articles into the system every day. With time that does add up to a huge number of articles, which wordpress has problems handling.

        AFAIK qz.com only publishes their own articles and the odd guest post, but doesn’t integrate large scale automated feeds.

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