Photo of the day project

I’m starting a project today where I’ll be taking and posting ¬†one photo every day to this blog, Flickr and Facebook.

The purpose of this project is to get me to think more visually. I’ve taken photos for years, but never with a day-in-day-out focus like this. I think just about everyone can take a good photo every now and then. Can I take a good photo every day?

It’ll be a serious challenge to take a photo worth sharing every day. But that’s the point of this. I have to post something, and I don’t want to be embarrassed by my output.

And I want to take share photos that tell stories and showcase life.

This is inspired by the assignment Jeremy Littau gave his students, where they had to take photos daily on Instagram. I won’t be limiting myself to smartphone photos, as I want to use every photographic tool at my disposal. Whatever camera or lens I have available, I’ll use.

This will be a mixture of DSLR and smartphone photos, with maybe a point-and-shoot photo here and there. Although I haven’t picked up my point-and-shoot camera in a few years. Thanks smartphones.

Part of the challenge is this project is also selecting which photo is the photo of the day. Some days I may struggle to find one good photos, while others I may have several that I like. Being a good editor of your work is also very important.

Here are some of my options today: