All good things must come to end

I’m sad to report that funding for BeatBlogging.Org will run out on Sept. 1 of this year.

Being the editor of BeatBlogging.Org has been a great ride. I’ve learned a lot about how beat reporters are adapting to the Web, how social media is changing journalism and where journalism is heading.

Working with NYU’s Jay Rosen has been a great learning experience. It’s very invigorating to work with someone who is interested in answering, “what’s next?” And in journalism, that’s the No. 1 question we all must answer.

What’s next for me? I don’t know yet. I hope to be able to contribute to the search for journalism next.

I’m interested in pushing journalism forward, in finding new ways to deliver content to people, in making journalism work on the Internet. We need journalism now more than ever, but journalism must adapt to fit new mediums, new paradigms and new ways of consumption.

I’m interested in working with people who want to move forward, not fixate on the past. I’m interested in working with people who believe that the Internet can offer incredible possibilities for journalism. I’m interested in working with people who want to fight to make journalism better, even in this dark hour.

I believe in journalism. I believe in the power of the Internet. And I believe that the Internet and journalism can work together to make incredible content and products for the world.

The fate of BeatBlogging.Org is undecided for now. I can at least assure you that the site will not be going away, as it is too strong of a new media brand to let die or even languish.

BeatBlogging.Org has certainly made me a better journalist and more prepared to fight the battles that lie ahead. I know that we travel a perilous road in journalism, but it’s a journey worth taking. The world needs good journalism.

  • Sad that beatblogging funding is going away. Hope you land well. Stay safe. Peace.

  • Sorry to see you go. It was always nice to leave suggestions in the comments and come back to see that you sometimes used them in subsequent posts. You’ve highlighted some good people here. I too, care a great deal about journalism and this endeavor was awesome. Best to you Patrick. Keep me posted on your next move.
    Angela Connor | @communitygirl
    Author, “18 Rules of Community Engagement” (Happy About, May 2009)

  • This has been a great source of both validation and ideas for doing better journalism. Thanks for your work and for carrying the torch for beatblogging. Looking forward to the next iteration.

  • Thanks for all the work and great ideas you’ve passed along. Hopefully your new media skills combined with the networking this site brought you will give you a leg up in the job market

  • I can’t count how many times I’ve linked to or forwarded a post to my coworkers. Sad to see lack of funding cloud its future—I’d be happy to toss a couple bucks your way if you’re gonna start a pledge drive or something.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Keep up the good work, if you can. 🙂
    Any grant opportunities, I hope?

  • Damn.

    In my not so humble opinion it’s exactly the right approach. If you’re interested please feel free to get in touch. I think there is a business model that could work. I know it probably sounds nuts. In fact it may be nuts as I don’t know anyone who has tried it. But I’ve spent 30 years in print and 8 years teaching. Plus I co founded a educational start up that was bought by McGraw.

    The business model: Get paid by K -12 schools with their textbook budget.

    Use the reporting generated by beat reporters to be the content for versioned newspapers that could be delivered to high schools to get a better result in bottom of the pyramid high schools.

    If you are interested in talking about this please feel free to email me. I have a very long story about why it should work. It may be all bullshit, but I’ve seen crazier things allow lots of people to make decent livings.

    To be clear, I’m just a retired printer and now a blogger who wants to fix high school. I already made whatever money I’m going to make.

  • I apologize for two in a row, but to get on your radar.. I’m setting up a 501(c3) whose purpose is to find, fund and mentor proof of concept of projects demonstrating that Print can measurably improve graduation rates in bottom of the pyramid high schools. Even if I’m totally wrong, it would open beat blogging to funding sources in education and public health.

  • I’ll be incredibly sorry to see the steady string of useful posts stop flowing out of, and I hope it lives on in one form another. Thanks for all your hard work, Pat.

  • If it fades away, then you’ve done something worthwhile in starting to change things – but if you can implement a worthwhile business out of this, I’d be happy to help if I can.
    I’ve spent almost 10 years in print and broadcast media, and would be happy to help in whatever way time allows – there is too much of a continued need for ‘context’, even if many publishers feel they can save their hide saving costs in content alone.
    Pleasure to share a surname!

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  • pat


    Thanks for the kind words. We’re still looking at what to do with BeatBlogging.Org come Sept. 1.

    Perhaps the ideal situation would be for a journalism institution or university to bring in BeatBlogging.Org. I doubt that will happen. Money is tight at non-profits right now.

    More likely, is that BeatBlogging.Org will become a volunteer project. That would require a rethinking of what content we do, how we produce content and who works on the site.

  • Patrick,

    I am so disappointed to learn that BeatBlogging may have to go. I sincerely feel that this is the future of journalism, which is why it’s even more disheartening to lose such a valuable resource. I wish you all the best in your future projects.

    Your posts have been so thought-provoking, a welcome change amidst all the talk about the death of journalism. You’re right: We need good journalism now more than ever and we must adapt to fit new mediums, new paradigms and new ways of consumption.

    I have learned so much from this site, your ideas and opinions. Please let us know if we can help in anyway to save this site. Here’s wishing you and your team the very best in the future.

  • Just came across this. Sorry to hear it’s coming to an end, but hope it does carry on in some form. You’ve done a great job with it, and the posts have been quite valuable.

    And I hope you find something that lets you do all you mentioned and more.

    PS: Knight News Challenge deadline only a few months away.