Today’s Thought: No reason to ask if blogging is journalism

Asking if blogging is journalism is like asking if desktop publishing is journalism.

The answer is sometimes. Both are just publishing platforms.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

At BeatBlogging.Org you’ll find many examples of journalists using blogging and other online tools to take their beat reporting to the next level. But most blogs are much truer to the original “Web log” concept than actual platforms for journalism.

Most bloggers just want to share their thoughts, feelings and lives with the world. Some, however, use blogging to take their beat reporting to the next level.

  • Pat, good post. At one of my former papers I wanted to start a political blog. The answer was an immediate no. The editors thought that just because you blog you have to show an opinion. Obviously now we know better.

    I’m definitely keeping track of because in the fall I want to launch a blog for my beat: Education. That should be interesting and I hope it can start a good conversation.

  • > Both are just publishing platforms.

    Not exactly. Blogging is a style of publishing, not a platform or a medium.

    It does encourage more time-sensitive publication of content, which is more in-line with what the Web audience expects. So in this way, yes, it does allow journalists to “take their beat reporting to the next level” (if the next level is online).