Five interview mistakes that can easily be avoided

Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy when interviewing for job, even if you are otherwise qualified.

Yoni Greenbaum made a post about “How not to get that journalism-related job.” All of the mistakes he lists can easily be avoided by just being a savvy job seeker. And if you’re a college student who hasn’t been given career advice, head over to career services ASAP to get resume, cover letter, interviewing and other career advice.

Here is Greenbaum’s list (head over to his site to get the full descriptions):

  1. No one is perfect – Don’t claim to be perfect because no one is.
  2. I’ll do anything for you – Don’t be desperate (or just plain creepy).
  3. Listen to yourself – Be careful what you say during an interview.
  4. Done it all – Focus your experience to fit the job you are applying for.
  5. Ban the smileys and hearts – Don’t write thank you letters like you’re on IM or in 5th grade.

One of the best nuggets of advice he gives is No. 4. Many people have wide-skill sets, which is good, but most jobs are looking for a specific skill set. This mean tailoring a resume and cover letter for a specific job. It also means highlighting experience that fits in with the job you’re applying for.

Remember you’re selling yourself when you apply and interview for a job. Highlight the parts they are interested in. And never, ever (see No. 5) send a thank-you letter with smileys and hearts.

  • > And never, ever (see No. 5) send a thank-you letter with smileys and hearts.

    But do send thank-you notes to the folks you interviewed with. Make sure each one is tailored to the conversations you had with that person. It’s a nice touch.