Journalism needs an entrepreneurial spirit started off as a small side project of sorts for Kiyoshi Martinez.

Even that might be a little generous. The site is just a WordPress Blog with a theme installed, and Martinez already had server space. All of this could be set up within in a few hours.

Martinez thought there would be a market for angry journalists who wanted to vent their frustrations. It turns out that market is a little bigger than he originally anticipated. Like any good entrepreneur, Martinez is growing his brand.

He has started selling t-shirts with phrases like “Print is dead,” “Angry journalist,” “Journalists get laid(off)” and others. He is planning on adding coffee mugs and other products soon to his online store. He also wants to add a job board as well.

I don’t think Martinez ever intended for the site to become this big or to have a revenue stream. But that’s just the thing. Instead of panicking when the site got bigger, Martinez harnessed his growing audience to expand his brand.

Of course the irony of the situation is that Martinez is no longer a journalist. And he’s happy about it. Maybe leaving journalism behind freed up his entrepreneurial spirit.

Either way, journalism needs more of this spirit. All we need are good ideas that serve a market need. There was a large, untapped market for angry journalists, and Martinez is tapping into that.

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