All the posts that could have been

Any blogger will tell you that for all the posts that make it an awful lot don’t.

Many posts just get deleted, while others morph into something radically different than originally intended. I still have some partially-written posts waiting to be published. I’m not sure if any of them will ever see the light of day.

Here are some posts that could have been (and might one day be):

  1. Journalism internships reflect a dying industry – This post was supposed to be a sister post to “Did your internships pay?” The point was that journalism cannot be a thriving industry if many companies treat their interns so poorly. Many journalism interns produce a lot of copy, edit a lot of copy and in general work hard. And many of them aren’t paid. This is in stark contrast to in-demand fields like engineering, where interns often do little work for a lot of pay. Companies in those industries often use internships as a form of talent scouting.
  2. Blogs are the minimum – This post was supposed to be about how the minimum thing all j-students should be doing is starting a blog. It’s a great, free way to learn a CMS. It’s also a great way to learn about the social aspects of the Web. This blog has been an incredible lesson in the Web for me.
  3. Newspapers have a serious credibility problem – This would-be post was inspired by The New York Times’ embarrassing non-story about John McCain. Some days I just think I should stop reading the Times. Jayson Blair still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth (and yes, I remember reading many of his supposed stories).
  4. Students, you are the future – “Whether you like it or not journalism students, you are the future of this profession. Its legacy and ability to survive will depend on you.” There are some great j-students out there today, and they seem to be getting better each year. It is them who will right this industry.