Conversations in Media: Kiyoshi Martinez

The inaugural Conversation in Media is with Kiyoshi Martinez, the 23-year-old former journalist who founded

I will try to have a weekly conversation with a media member about the state of media, journalism and where the future is headed.

Some highlights:

  1. Why did Martinez start Angry Journalist?
  2. “Being a journalist shouldn’t mean you have to be miserable.” – Martinez
  3. “It’s absolutely unnecessary to major in journalism to get a journalism job.” – Martinez
  4. “We’re going to lose a lot of newspapers because they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.” – Thornton

Click here to download this week’s Conversation in Media.

Or stream the file at the Conversations in Media PodShow site.

The audio will be better in the future. This was my first time tape recording a phone conversation with a Marantz recorder. Also, Martinez was on a cell phone speaker phone. But the audio is still pretty good.

Any feedback would be great. Did you like the content? How is the length? How are the formats? Any suggestions would be great.